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Yong Zhao
TITLE: Counting What Counts : Reframing Education Outcomes
AUTHOR(S): Yong Zhao
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Counting What Counts illustrates how current measures of academic achievement do not account for skills necessary to learn and live successfully in the 21st century. Editor Yong Zhao and contributors Ross C. Anderson, Kendra Coates, Brian Gearin, Yue Shen, Sarah Soltz, Michael Their, and Daisy Zhang-Negrerie advocate for a new paradigm of education that supports students' lifelong learning and diversity of skills rather than admirable test scores.

K-12 teachers, school and district administrators, and policymakers will:

  • Consider the problems with current measures of students' skills

  • Review the implications of personality for future success

  • Discover how motivational factors interact with each other

  • Ponder why the future relies on the creative class

  • Learn the importance of global citizenship and how to measure global competence

  • Appraise strategies for improving school climates