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William A Sommers
Diane P Zimmerman
TITLE: Nine Professional Conversations to Change our Schools - A Dashboard of Options
AUTHOR(S): William A Sommers/Diane P Zimmerman
PRICE: $72.00
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Improve collective efficacy in schools through meaningful professional conversations 

In a landscape where technology can undermine personal connections, even the most talented educator can feel like they’re practicing their craft in isolation.

 Nine Professional Conversations to Change Our Schools is a framework for revitalizing the art of the professional conversation. It guides educators through structures for collaboration, grants access to vast storehouses of applied wisdom, and facilitates a consensual knowledge base for standards of excellence.  

  • 9 conversational strategies designed to promote collective efficacy in education

  • Learning scenarios to demonstrate the effectiveness of these conversations in action

  • An accessible Conversational Dashboard which assists in analyzing conditions for success