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Kieron Sheehy
Andrew Holliman
TITLE: Education and New Technologies
AUTHOR(S): Kieron Sheehy/Andrew Holliman
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When should children begin their digital diet? Does the use of new technology hinder or enhance children's literacy development? Do new technologies give children new abilities or undermine their skills and identities? Are learners safe in modern online educational spaces?

Kieron Sheehy and Andrew Holliman have assembled expert contributors from around the world to discuss these questions and have divided the book into three parts: 

  • early engagement with new technologies: decisions, dangers and data

  • new technology: supporting all learners or divisive tools

  • global and cultural reflections on educational technology.

Education and New Technologies focuses on aspects of education where the use of twenty-first-century technologies has been particularly controversial, contemplating the possible educational benefits alongside potential negative impacts on learners. Topics covered include: 

  • e-books and their influence on literacy skills

  • games-based learning

  • the impact of new technologies on abilities and disabilities

  • learning analytics and the use of large-scale learner data

  • cyberbullying

  • intelligent technologies and the connected learner.

A twenty-first-century book for twenty-first-century concerns, Education and New Technologies presents up-to-date research and clear, engaging insight about the relationship between technology and how we learn.