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Krishan Sood
Sheine Peart
Malini Mistry
TITLE: Becoming a Successful School Leader
AUTHOR(S): Krishan Sood, Sheine Peart, Malini Mistry
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Becoming a Successful School Leader critically considers what leaders need to help them support their schools and communities with the challenges and demands of learning. It presents readers with opportunities to develop their thinking and to generate personal strategies to manage situations through a series of structured exercises and tasks.

Drawing on a range of accounts from professionals, case studies and reflective questions, this accessible text allows leaders to confidently guide their staff and students through the contested landscape of education. Focusing on key topics, chapters cover: 

    • education policy and leadership, governance and management of educational settings;

    • changes to the employment market;

    • inclusion in education, emerging moral dilemmas and legislative changes;

    • the structure of education: new frameworks and models;

    • quality assurance: responsibilities, liabilities and consequences;

    • global dimensions and emerging ethical issues.

This book will be essential reading for both practising and aspiring school leaders who have an interest in the challenges, policies and practices deployed in leading and managing change in a variety of educational settings.