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Vivienne Porritt
Keziah Fetherstone
TITLE: 10% Braver - Inspiring Women to Lead Education
AUTHOR(S): Vivienne Porritt/Keziah Fetherstone
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What would you do to make a change today if you were 10% braver? This is the ultimate guide for women in education. Written by leading members of the grassroots #WomenEd movement, it offers guidance on how to attain and succeed in leaderships positions, alongside nuanced analysis and debate of topics including: the gender pay gap, gender stereotyping in schools and beyond, the realities experienced by BME leaders and how flexible working cultures can redress inequities.    Each chapter gives advice on how we can all change things for the better, as individuals, in our schools, and across the system, and how you can be part of the #WomenEd movement to improve equality in education for everyone.