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Lisa Jane Ashes
TITLE: Teacher in the Cupboard - solution focused human teaching and learning
AUTHOR(S): Lisa Jane Ashes
PRICE: $50.00
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Takes you on a self-reflective journey that will inspire you to create stimulating learning environments and to challenge the 'how to', tick-box approach to teaching. 

In this absorbing take on the problems teachers face in their daily lives, Lisa Jane Ashes demonstrates how spending time 'in the cupboard' - a metaphor for removing yourself from a situation and observing both your own behaviours and the world around you through a more objective lens - can help you develop a positive, self-reflective approach that will produce excellent results no matter how hopeless the circumstances may seem.
Brimming with fresh perspectives and prompts for insightful reflection, Teacher in the Cupboard will show you how to harness the power of self-observation to make changes that can have a real impact on your day-to-day practice and human interactions - if you have the nerve to put your learning into action.


Suitable for NQTs, teachers and school leaders in all educational settings.