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Jay BIlly
TITLE: Lead with Culture - What Really MATTERS in our Schools
AUTHOR(S): Jay BIlly
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How Do YOU Make School AMAZING for Students and Staff?

School can be amazing. It can be a place where people of all ages, interests, and backgrounds enjoy learning together. And in this Lead Like a PIRATE Guide, author and elementary school principal Jay Billy explains that making school a place where students and staff want to be starts with culture.

Culture is the "way we do things around here."

Culture is what fosters a sense of community--
or drives a wedge between groups of people in your school.

Leaders have the responsibility to give the children the best education possible, and that happens when we drive a culture of learning and positive strength. In Lead with Culture, Jay Billy shares personal stories and practical ideas for creating a sense of unity--even in the most diverse communities. You'll learn how to .  .

Inspire, encourage, and lead by example.

  • Inspire, encourage, and lead by example.

  • Empower greatness in your teachers and staff.

  • Build a culture of growth and learning.

  • Cultivate an environment where love and kindness thrive.

  • Honor diversity while fostering a strong community.

Culture is what really matters in schools, and you have the power to shape it.

Lead . . . with culture.