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Jimmy Casas
TITLE: STOP.RIGHT.NOW : The 39 Stops to Making School Better
AUTHOR(S): Jimmy Casas
PRICE: $46.00
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School can be amazing. But for far too long, many practices have continued simply because "that is the way we have always done it." The status quo and average results are no longer acceptable!

In Stop. Right. Now. authors and education leaders Jimmy Casas and Jeffrey Zoul identify 39 practices, programs, processes, philosophies, and people problems that schools must eliminate in order to improve education for all involved. Schools are inspiring and joyous places, but they can be so much better. In this book, the authors invite you to join a campaign to do less by. . .

  • Putting an end to more solely for the sake of more

  • Not doing things merely because they have always been done

  • Saying no to what doesn't work

  • Finding better ways to serve students--and the entire school community

The time has come to not only do things better but to do better things.