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Brad Gustafson
TITLE: Reclaiming Our Calling - Hold on to the Heart, Mind, and Hope of Education
AUTHOR(S): Brad Gustafson
PRICE: $50.00
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In Pursuit of Learning That Lasts . . 

This genre-busting book captures the heart, mind, and hope of education like no other. Through a series of interwoven stories, award-winning educator and principal Brad Gustafson reminds us of what we've known all along: Children are more than numbers, and we are called to teach and reach them accordingly.

Reclaiming Our Calling will empower you to . . .

  • Talk about learning that lasts in tangible terms

  • Teach on behalf of the whole learner by tapping into their strengths 

  • Take steps toward meaningful change regardless of your role

  • Understand and lead with the 4 Passions of the Profession and invite others to do the same