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Joan Blednick
Gloria Lodato Wilson
TITLE: Teaching In Tandem : Effective Co-Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom
AUTHOR(S): Joan Blednick/Gloria Lodato Wilson
PRICE: $46.00
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When a special education teacher and a general education teacher share a classroom and teaching responsibilities, every student benefits from intensive instruction, increased learning opportunities, and a reduced student-to-teacher ratio. But what does coteaching look like? How does it work? How do you know when you're doing it right? Here's a book that answers these questions and conveys what's critical to a coteaching program, such as

  • Five effective models of coteaching.

  • Six methods for teaming up coteachers.

  • Seven ways that coteachers work together.

  • Ten effective teaching principles for the cotaught class.

  • Thirteen instructional strategies that help students learn in a coteaching environment.

Authentic classroom and school examples throughout the book help you learn about the components of coteaching and solve day-to-day challenges inherent to coteaching, including

  • How to address the range of special needs in a cotaught class.

  • What administrators do to set up and support coteaching.

  • How to address the concerns of parents and students in coteaching situations.

Whether you need to get the basics of coteaching or want to stretch your knowledge of coteaching into more advanced applications, Teaching in Tandem provides knowledge and tools that you need to create effective partnerships and powerful learning environments.