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Will Ryan
TITLE: Dare to be Different: A leadership fable about transformational change in schools
AUTHOR(S): Will Ryan
PRICE: $46.00
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A must-read leadership fable of how a school leader can inspire real transformational change by leading in accordance with his own values and beliefs. 

Writer and novelist Michael Korda claims that ‘the fastest way to success is to make it look like you are playing to somebody else’s rules whilst quietly playing by your own’. Will Ryan’s Dare to be Different tells the story of how real transformational change can occur when a school leader does just that. 

Exploring the significant challenges that leaders often have to overcome in order to turn their dream into a reality, and portrayed through an engaging and humorous narrative, Dare to be Different is a must-read leadership fable for all school leaders. It is the story of a primary school head teacher who listens very carefully to the things his political masters say, but then sets out to achieve transformational change by doing the exact opposite – through inspirational school leadership that’s true to his own values and beliefs. 

Whilst it may be a fable with fictitious characters, it is based on real schools. Schools in which the author has worked with leaders and teachers who, by applying their deeply held educational beliefs, accelerate learning and raise aspiration within their school and wider community.

Will Ryan has condensed 43 years’ worth of experience of going in and out of the UK’s best schools and classrooms into this book, in which you will find:

    • One-hundred-and-eighteen tips that are based on exciting primary practice and which should make the hairs tingle on the back of the neck of the most wizened school inspector.

    • Forty-five significant ideas that will strengthen leadership and have the capacity to transform your school as a learning community.

    • Fifty quotations that will make you think about how our most inspirational leaders create inspirational teachers who get an inspirational response from their learners.

    • Numerous compelling pieces of evidence to demonstrate that primary school teachers are doing a fabulous job, despite what any politician or tabloid newspaper will tell you.

    • Inspiration to do the right things for your school.