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Robert Sylwester
TITLE: A Biological Brain in a Cultural Classroom
AUTHOR(S): Robert Sylwester
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Expanding on his immensely popular first edition, experienced author and professor Robert Sylwester presents an updated, revised and expanded second edition on the latest biological research and applies it to student-teacher dynamics in the classroom and in our larger culture as a whole. Critical policies and practices discussed for helping educators improve their understanding of student development include: • Exploring beliefs of a democratic society in today's classrooms • Incorporating a biological/ecological perspective in classroom management • Shifting the focus from classroom management to student-teacher collaborations that improve classroom dynamics and develop social skills Believing that students should experience as they learn, and teachers should observe, explore and nurture their students, Robert Sylwester reveals the latest research on how the brain really works. Also available for use in conjunction with the book are a video and training guide to promote a deeper understanding of student-teacher dynamics in the classroom.