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TITLE: Understanding by Design, Expanded 2nd Edition
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How do you know when students understand something? Can you design learning experiences that make it much more likely that students understand content and apply it in meaningful ways? Since 1998, thousands of educators have used Understanding by Design to answer these questions and create more rigorous and engaging curriculums. Now, this expanded second edition gives you even more tools and strategies for results-oriented teaching: An improved template for creating curriculum units based on the breakthrough "backward design" method More specific guidelines on how to frame the "big ideas" you want students to understand Better ways to develop the "essential questions" that form the foundation of high-quality curriculum and assessment An expanded toolbox of instructional approaches for obtaining the desired results of a lesson More examples, across all grade levels and subjects, of how schools and districts have used the UbD framework to maximize student understanding Educators from K through college can get everything they need--guidelines, stages, templates, and tips--to start designing lessons, units, and courses that lead to improved student performance.