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Tony Ryan
TITLE: BrainStorms
AUTHOR(S): Tony Ryan
Suitable For: Upper Primary to Intermediate
PRICE: $45.00
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This collection of zany and stimulating activity cards is for learners who love to think in different directions. Brainstorms will light up the imaginations of children and adults anywhere. If you enjoy challenging your thinking, these creative exercises are just for you.

their possible uses will only be limited by your own imagination. You could...
  • Try them as a lesson starter to generate some exciting thinking.
  • Construct a BrainStorm box full of individual cards, and leave them in an interest centre in the corner of the room.
  • Organise friendly BrainStorm competitions, with teams trying to create the most original proposals.
  • Employ them as innovative homework activities.
  • Use them as anusual project topics.

    Above all, you should enjoy the thinking that is generated by these activities. The key to the BrainStorms cards is the FUN factor. Creative thinking is enjoyable, and energises the brain to produce highly effective results. Just introduce these activities into your classroom, and watch the ideas start to flow.