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Rachel Billmeyer
TITLE: Literacy & Learning vol 2- Strategies to Engage the Mind of the Learner
AUTHOR(S): Rachel Billmeyer
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Engaged learners are strategic, motivated and socially interactive. This essential guide contains 91 strategies to help teachers engage students in the learning process in all content areas at every year level.

Strategies and examples are designed for teachers, professors, facilitators and trainers of adults.

Sections focus on:
  • Vocabulary Development,
  • Narrative and Informative Text,
  • Questioning,
  • Graphic Organisers,
  • Information-building,
  • Discussion,
  • Grouping and Energising Activities and
  • Reflection.

Includes links to Marzano’s Nine Strategies outlines in ‘Classroom Instruction that Works’; examples for using strategies to differentiate instruction; and a chart categorising the strategies into the Three Phases of Thinking before, during and after reading.