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Alexandra Weinbaum
Catherine Rubin et al
TITLE: Teaching as Inquiry - Asking Hard Questions to Improve Practice and Student Achievement
AUTHOR(S): Alexandra Weinbaum/Catherine Rubin et al
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This book offers an engaging and effective approach to improving teacher and student learning. Based on the experiences of three leading educational organisations, the authors provide invaluable, research-based guidelines for incorporating inquiry into teacher’s instructional practices and student work as part of the ongoing work of schools. In addition to discussing the lessons learned and questions raised by inquiry work, this volume includes:
  • Specific considerations for determining who should be involved, what work should be under review, how it should be reviewed, and how such inquiry should be supported by the school.
  • Detailed case studies from urban primary and secondary schools that illustrate how teachers and administrators have initiated and sustained processes of inquiry that contributed to changes in instruction, improved student outcomes, and their own professional learning.
  • Benchmarks for teachers and administrators to gauge their progress in initiating and deepening inquiry into their own schools.