TITLE: ITC Students Companion Primary
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The innovative students' companion is a comprehensive handbook that will assist your students to effectively approach and complete any assessment task. From exams to assignments, every single student now has a trusted companion that will enhance their ability to think critically and creatively, effectively plan responses and to execute written or spoken assessment tasks with ease. Your school's students can gain access to all of the information required to confidently complete any assessment piece, including:

  • The 12 key task verbs - how they influence and shape a student's final response

  • The itc Thinking Tools - to successfully scaffold assessment tasks


  • Sentence starters - the vocabulary required to address the purpose of the assessment

  • Public speaking tips - the four steps to delivering a successful speech

  • Handwriting help - the four steps to fast & legible handwriting

  • Links to the digital itc thinkdrive student resource

The innovative students' companion will assist your school to:

  • Effectively implement your school-wide pedagogical framework

  • Develop one specific language of thinking amongst your teachers and students

  • Enhance the quality of assessment pieces that your students submit