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James Nottingham
TITLE: Challenging Early Learning - Helping Young Children Learn How to Learn
AUTHOR(S): James Nottingham
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What are the goals of early years education? A lot of people ask this question and receive answers ranging from keeping children safe; introducing them to the values of society; encouraging a love of language; giving them experience of socialising, harmonising, and behaving appropriately. This book shares the best strategies to help children grow into even more curious, resilient, happy, articulate and thoughtful learners.


Challenging Early Learning takes James Nottingham's tried and tested and acclaimed 'learning to learn' methodology and applies it to teaching 3-7 year olds. Each chapter includes: 

    • Colourful and stimulating learning activities that will help children learn how to learn

    • Practical "Now Try This" sections that encourage readers to think about current practice and explore new ideas 

    • A Review section that focuses on building a broad tool kit of teaching strategies 


Covering a range of key topics such as feedback, dialogue, growth mindset and the Learning Pit, this book is aimed at all pedagogues, teachers, parents and leaders wanting to challenge the way in which we learn and make learning more challenging.