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Gerrard Alford
TITLE: ITC Think Drive Software Primary Package
AUTHOR(S): Gerrard Alford
PRICE: $506.00
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ITC ThinkDrive is a clean and crisp software program that provides your staff and students with quick and easy access to the ITC Thinking Tools.

With the click of a mouse everyone can access:
  • Great instructional videos of the ITC Thinking Tools
  • Written explanations and examples of each of the ITC Thinking Tools
  • Graphic organiser templates that you can save to your hard drive, use in lessons and distribute to other staff and students

    How Does it Work?

    The ITC ThinkDrive program is placed on your school server so that your school community can access the tools without the need for an internet connection.

    The ITC ThinkDrive menu has been carefully constructed with ease of use in mind, making this resource extremely intuitive and no training necessary.

    Upon payment ITC will send you the ITC ThinkDrive resource and a site licence agreement for your school.

    Contact RESOURCE MANAGER for more details

    Primary package includes:
    • Student Resource - $506
    • Teacher Resource - $575Please note all prices include GST)
    • Whole School Package - $862. saving over $200

      (Note:all prices include GST)