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Shirley Clarke
Helen Timperley
TITLE: Unlocking Formative Assessment (NZ Edition)
AUTHOR(S): Shirley Clarke/Helen Timperley
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Following Shirley Clarke's visit to NZ in 2002, the profile of this title has been significantly raised: featuring on the Ministry of Education's website, reviewed in Education Today and adopted as a set text at teacher training colleges. In addition, the National Advisers have been recommending this book to primary and intermediate school principals throughout the country. This book explains how formative assessment - assessment which engages with and helps define the appropriate next steps for the individual child - can be developed as an integral element of good classroom practice. A highly practical guide, Unlocking Formative Assessment explains how to implement assessment strategies that will engage with and support children's learning, improve progress and raise confidence and self-esteem. Key differences between the UK and NZ editions include extensive reference to the NZ curriculum documents and recent developments in assessment ideas and tools. In addition, a section on the 'Boosters' and 'Guzzlers' of children's motivation has been added to the chapter on children's self-esteem. This is a book no principal's office, staff-room library, teacher or trainee teacher should be without.