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Helen Timperley
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TITLE: Using Evidence in Teaching Practice
AUTHOR(S): Helen Timperley and Judy Parr
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The ability to use evidence to reflect on the quality of teaching and learning is emerging as an essential tool in a teacher's professional armoury. The highly practical ideas in this book are based on research that shows that using evidence to reflect on teaching practice can help teachers to improve student learning. Helen Timperley and Judy Parr draw on the experience of teacher involved in this and other research to illustrate the different parts of the process and provide many reading and writing examples from New Zealand classrooms. * The type of evidence described ranges from informal observations that form the teacher's 'log-in-the-head', to more formal tests that most schools administer regularly. * Each chapter outlines key considerations when teachers use evidence to inform their teaching: how to collect it, how to mine it and how to interpret it in ways that relate directly to teaching. * Chapters conclude with a brief section on how the information may be used by teachers in professional learning communities. Using Evidence in Teaching Practice is written for New Zealand teachers and school leaders. Their voices are heard throughout and it is their classrooms that are featured.