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Sara Wernham
Sue Lloyd
TITLE: The Grammar Handbook Book 2
AUTHOR(S): Sara Wernham, Sue Lloyd
Suitable For: Lower Primary
PRICE: $80.00
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The Grammar Handbook 2 is for use the year after The Grammar Handbook 1 and includes: Consolidates the teaching from The Grammar Handbook 1, Continues to introduce new grammar elements, 36 structured grammar lessons, 36 spelling and punctuation lessons, Develops dictionary and thesaurus skills, Improves vocabulary and comprehension, Photocopiable activities, Fun actions for the grammar points. The Grammar Handbook 2 features the following topics: new spelling patterns – ei, eigh, ture, silent letters – b, c, h, k, w, syllables, identifying the short vowels, spelling rules – consonant doubling and adding suffixes, tricky word families, revision of elements covered in the Grammar Handbook 1, further adjectives – possessive, comparatives and superlatives, prepositions, conjunctions, dictionary work, punctuation, exclamation marks, apostrophes, further sentence development