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Carolyn Coil
TITLE: Teachers Toolbox: Integrating Instruction & Units for Society and Environment (Revised Edition)
AUTHOR(S): Carolyn Coil
Suitable For: Early Childhood to Upper Secondary
PRICE: $46.00
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The much anticipated follow up to Carolyn Coil's first book, Tools for Teaching and Learning in the Integrated Classroom. This book is an important resource for all teachers! It helps educators understand a number of educational theories and incorporate various teaching strategies in their own classrooms. Written specifically for Australasian teachers, Carolyn's book has seven representative units which are integrated, that is, the learning outcomes for each one comes from the key learning areas. The topics used in the units are:
Food Chains and Life Cycles; Health and Diseases; Inventors and Inventions; Weather, Climate and the Environment; North Asia; South-East Asia; Transport.

Using all of the various tools and lesson plan formats, each of the units has student activities based on:
Learning Styles; Bloom's Taxonomy; Learning Modalities; Multiple Intelligences.