Women in Leadership: Authentic Leadership
presented by Mary-Anne Murphy

14 March 2019
9.30am - 3.00pm
Learning Network NZ, 214 Universal Drive, Henderson

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‘Leading Women in Education’ is uniquely designed to empower women to lead from a space of authenticity, confidence, clarity and hauora/wellbeing.
Based on her work with hundreds of women in educational leadership, and as a past Principal herself,  Mary-Anne fuses the latest research in positive psychology, neuroscience, leadership development, gender science and wellbeing principles into cutting-edge content and programmes that empower Leading Women.
This selection of stand-alone workshops are carefully selected to meet the needs of Leading Women in Education. Whether you are wanting to get into positional leadership, develop your own self-leadership, or are already within a leadership role, these workshops will ‘speak’ to you.

Authentic Leadership
As women leaders, we bring a unique set of skills and dispositions that when honoured and utilised as strengths, create transformation within those we lead.
In this workshop you will recognise and learn to optimise your strengths as an authentic leader. 

You will explore your personal strengths and values and become more aware of when you are not optimising them.
You will also discover how you can utilise a values-based leadership approach to support authentic and effective leadership.

Mary-Anne is facilitating 4 more sessions for Women in Leadership:

20 June- Communicating with clarity, confidence and influence
22 Aug- Nurturing & Driving Performance
26 Sept- Strategic & Systems Thinking in Action
31 Oct- Creating a Culture of Care in the Workplace

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