Learning How to Think - 'that thinking thing'- Christchurch
presented by Lane Clark

06 May 2019
9.00am - 3.30pm

This course is cancelled.


Learning How to Think – ‘That Thinking Thing’

Critical thinking, creative thinking, higher level thinking, deep thinking, thinking skills, thinking tools, analysis, evaluation, synthesis, inferencing, generalizing, predicting, comparing, contrasting, relating, classifying, grouping, sorting…What does it all mean? How are teachers meant to practically address all of this with their learners? How are learners meant to take control over their own thinking?
In this workshop Lane will explore critical and creative thinking and what it means to become a skillful thinker and ultimately, deep thinker.  She will demystify the infusion of thinking into classroom practice and will explore a practical approach to transitioning cognitive control from the realm of the teacher to that of the learner. 
Participants WILL leave this session with greater clarity when it comes to…’that thinking thing’!

In this workshop session we will: 

  • develop your knowledge and understanding of what it means to think ‘naturally’, versus what it means to think skillfully and ultimately, to think deeplly

  • develop your knowledge and understanding of what it means to think critically versus creatively and explore the specific skills associated with the development of critical and creative thinking

  • develop your ability to teach your learners HOW to think skillfully through the use of a diversity of thinking tools that deliberately and strategically promote the development of critical and creative thinking skills

  • explore practical frameworks that will enable learners of all ages, to develop their  understanding of thinking skills, strategies, processes and tools and empower them to take cognitive control of their own thinking

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