Working with Students with Challenging Behaviour
presented by Bill Rogers

07 June 2019
9.30am - 3.30pm

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Working with students with challenging student behaviours

Topics in this area of interest cover :

  • The reality and extent of ‘behaviour disorder’ as a phenomenon in mainstream schools (with special reference to ADD / ADHD spectrum behaviours);

  • Supporting teachers who have such student behaviours in their classes;

  • Developing early intervention plans (including uses of time-out); developing IBMP’s (individual -behaviour-management-plans) on a whole-school basis;

  • Behaviour management and discipline practice; 

  • Utilising the whole-class group in behaviour management planning for individuals;    

  • Using classroom meetings to address (and support) behaviour concerns of individuals;

  • Working with parents of students with behaviour disorders;

  • Working with disaffected teachers;

  • Bullies and victims.

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