Delivering Successful Sustained Innovation
presented by John Edwards and Bill Martin

26 June 2019
9.30am - 3.30pm
Learning Network NZ, 214 Universal Drive, Henderson

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A one-day workshop with John Edwards and Bill Martin

The research is clear; most innovations either fail or deliver disappointing results.

This workshop introduces a powerful new model of innovation that already has a strong track record for delivering significant results.
Where are you currently in this space?
What innovation would transform your school and your work life?
How can you achieve what you are absolutely dying to achieve?
If only we could … (here will be a safe space to share this with innovative colleagues)

This is a day for exploring three insights: 

  • Innovation is about future focus.

  • Innovation involves a major step change, massive stretch.

  • Nothing should be implemented in your school until you know it will work.

In this workshop you will experience the four phases of innovation. The first crucial phase is missed by most schools.
From this day you will see “failures of innovation” in a new light. We will dissect and understand successful school innovations.
Questions we will face on this day together: 

  • How will you know if you have gone deep enough?

  • What pace should you set? You will learn about the power of cadence.

  • Where is your maximum leverage? Tools for innovation.

  • How will you make your processes visible enough for deep understanding?

  • Are you in this for the long term? Knowledge value streams and process value streams.

  • How do we overcome inertia? The beguiling nature of urgency.

  • What are innovation attributes, and why are they so important?

  • What measures of success and scalability really work?

  • What does stretch to full potential look like?



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