PCT Mentor Teacher Session 1: Role & Responsibilities

20 February 2019
1.30pm - 4.00pm
Learning Network NZ, 214 Universal Drive, Henderson

Member Price $100.00 +GST    Non-members $120.00 +GST   
The Role and Responsibilities of the Mentor Teacher 

Our programme for Mentor Teachers is designed for both new and more experienced Mentor Teachers. The aim is to offer advice and practical ideas on how you can provide the best support for your PRT in accordance with Ministry guidelines. 

In order to gain the most from the ongoing support and peer assistance we strongly encourage Mentor Teachers to enrol for all three sessions at a cost of $300 (members) / $375(non-members). 
To enrol in the full year package click on the link below under 'Associated Course Packages'. 

This first session will introduce you to the practical role of Mentor Teacher will be facilitated by Jo Williams.

Session1 includes:  "What a Mentor Teacher Has To Do!"meet, greet, share,

  • release time

  • observations

  • meetings

  • expectations

  • group needs & queries

  • goal setting

  • codes and standards

Package Costs $300 for a member and $375 for a non Member + GST.

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