This section is about not only having the practical knowledge of the digital equipment used today but also understanding the world of the future and all it will offer the children of today and how we can best prepare them for it.
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The Conceptual Age and the Evolution of School v2.0

Mark Treadwell

This revolutionary book shows how new technology is driving the second education paradigm that is sweeping into our schools and synthesises all the major education...

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Apps for Learning :Middle school - iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone

Andrew Churches/Harry Dickens

Turn your classroom into a digital adventure in learning!

In the classroom of the 21st-century, the power of mobility has begun to play a significant...

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Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms

Will Richardson

Discover how to harness Web tools to motivate and update student reading, research, and communication! This guide demonstrates how Web tools can generate exciting...

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Bring Your Own Technology

Mal Lee/Martin Levins

This book is designed to provide teachers and parents alike an insight into the bring-your-own-technology (BYOT) revolution sweeping across entire school communities...

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Creating a Digital Rich Classroom

Meg Ormiston

Today’s students are accustomed to a high level of interaction and collaboration with technology. This book helps teachers to design and deliver lessons in which...

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Digital Citizenship in Schools : 9 Elements all Children should know (3rd ed)

Mike RIbbie

Students today have always had technology in their lives, so many teachers assume their students are competent tech users - more competent, in fact, than themselves....

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Digital Community Digital Citizen

Jason Ohler

Jason Ohler challenges all readers to redefine our roles as citizens in today's globally connected infosphere. In exploring various aspects of digital citizenship,...

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Digital Diet:Todays Digital Tools in Small Bytes

Andrew Churches/Lee Crockett/Ian Jukes

Understanding today’s online world and relating to the digital generation can be a daunting process for the newcomer. The Digital Diet demonstrates how online...

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Digital Storytelling in the Classroom:New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning and Creativity

Jason Ohler

This practical resource links digital storytelling to improving traditional, digital and media literacy and effectively demonstrates the process for integrating...

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Education and New Technologies

Kieron Sheehy/Andrew Holliman

When should children begin their digital diet? Does the use of new technology hinder or enhance children's literacy development? Do new technologies...

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Free to Make

Dale Dougherty

Dale Dougherty, creator of MAKE: magazine and the Maker Faire, provides a guided tour of the international phenomenon known as the Maker Movement, a social revolution...

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