This section is about not only having the practical knowledge of the digital equipment used today but also understanding the world of the future and all it will offer the children of today and how we can best prepare them for it.
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Global Education: Using Technology to bring the World to your Students

Laurence Peters

Integrating global education into standards-based lessons allows students to connect personally with their peers across geographical boundaries, expand their knowledge...

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Going Google : Powerful Tools for 21st Century Learning

Jared Covili

Google is more than a search engine – it offers many tools that give people the opportunity to work virtually from anywhere, with anyone, at any time they choose....

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Google Apps for Educators

Roger Niven

Most educators are aware of the various Google Apps such as Google Docs Google Images Google Calendar and many others. Fewer are acquainted with Google’s free and...

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Hold On To Your Kids - Why Parents Need to Matter more than Their Peers

Gabor Mate/Gordon Nefeld

Children take their lead from their friends: being `cool' matters more than anything else. Shaping values, identity and codes of behaviour, peer groups are often...

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iPad & iPhone Tips & Tricks: For iOS 6 on iPad and iPhone

Jason Rich

Easily unlock the power for your iPad, iPad mini, or iPhone Discover hundreds of tips and tricks you can use right away with your iPad, iPad mini or iPhone to...

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Ipad 2 Quicksteps

Joli Ballew

Full-color, step-by-step guide to Apple's revolutionary tablet computer The fastest, easiest way to get up and running on the iPad 2 Features color graphics,...

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ipad2 Fully Loaded

Alan Hess

A hip, straightforward guide to squeezing every bit of functionality from the iPad 2
Apple's new iPad 2 offers new functionality, WiFi or 3G connectivity,...

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Literacy is not Enough

Lee Crockett

In our present society we are seeing powerful technologies and information systems causing a parallel change in the knowledge base. Why are facts are becoming obsolete...

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Teaching Digital Natives-Partnering for Real Learning

Marc Prensky

Students today are growing up in a digital world. These "digital natives" learn in new and different ways, so educators need new approaches to make learning both...

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Technology Integration and High Possibility Classrooms : Building from TPACK

Jane Hunter

Technology Integration and High Possibility Classrooms provides a fresh vision for education in schools based on new research from in-depth studies of technology...

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The School Leader's Guide to Social Media

Howard Johnston

Social media has exploded in our culture - including our schools - giving educators a unique opportunity to shape this phenomenon into a powerful tool for improving...

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