This section is about not only having the practical knowledge of the digital equipment used today but also understanding the world of the future and all it will offer the children of today and how we can best prepare them for it.
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Thinking in a Digital World : Taking our Kids into the Deep End

Martin Buoncristiani, Patricia Buoncristiani

The digital age is rapidly changing how young people experience and interact with the world. Awash in a sea of information, our kids are in danger of becoming...

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Uncommon Learning Creating Schools that Work for Kids

Eric C Sheninger

This book, UnCommon Learning, challenges school leaders to adopt a growth mindset and to undertake specific actions with regard to digital media and school change....

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Understanding the Digital Generation

Lee Crockett

This book explores the fundamental characteristics of children in the new digital generation, and how our educational procedures can be modified to enhance their...

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What Connected Educators Do Differently

Todd Whitaker

Todd Whitaker, Jeffrey Zoul, and Jimmy Casas are widely acclaimed experts on teaching and leading and are pioneers in the education twitterverse, and now they...

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Who Owns the Learning? Preparing students for Success in the Digital Age

Alan November

In Who Owns the Learning?, author Alan November uses his Digital Learning Farm model to show teachers how technology allows students to take ownership of...

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