Here we will have the resources that acknowledge the particular needs of gifted & talented learners, for both the teachers and the pupils (and sometimes the parents as well). It will also include books for students with learning difficulties, underachieving students and other individual needs.
Gifted / Special Ed
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Differentiation Made Practical-Lessons to Satisfy Gifted Learners

Rosemary Cathcart

Lower Primary - Lower Secondary

It’s a tall order meeting the needs of gifted children while juggling all the other teaching demands. The books in this series offer practical, insightful...

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Distressed or Deliberately Defiant? Managing Challenging Student Behaviour Due to Trauma and Disorganised Attachment

Judith Howard

It is not unusual for educators today, whether in the early childhood, primary or secondary sectors, to be confronted with severely challenging student behaviour...

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Educational Strategies for Gifted Children

Diana Whitton

Designed as a handbook for teachers, Educational Strategies for Gifted Children gives practical strategies and resources for curriculum planning and differentiation....

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Elementary Philosophical Enquiry


This programme attempts to meet the following goals: *to recognise the importance of self directed learning as a lifelong goal *to make a commitment to the development...

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Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind

Eric Jensen

ASCD best-seller Teaching with Poverty in Mind established the standard for what educators everywhere can do to improve the achievement of economically disadvantaged...

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Enrichment Activities for Able and Talented Children

Barry Teare

Enrichment Activities for Able and Talented Children provides attractive and exciting resources for schools, together with practical advice and information on how...

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Exemplary Teachers of Students in Poverty

Geoff Munns/Wayne Sawyer

Education and poverty exist in a highly contested relationship even in the developed world. On the one hand, educational outcomes seem solidly attached to socio-economic...

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Exploring Gifted Education Australian and New Zealand Perspectives

Jennifer L. Jolly/Jane M. Jarvis

Exploring Gifted Education focusses on the most fundamental and pressing topics in gifted education from...

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Flourish A New Understanding of Happiness & Well-being and How to Achieve them

Martin Seligman

From the bestselling author of Learned Optimism and Authentic Happiness comes "a relentlessly optimistic guidebook on finding and securing individual happiness"...

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Gifted & Talented Pocketbook

Barry Hymer/Phil Hailstone

Gifted and talented education is at a crossroads. Turn right and speed off down the motorway, only to be frustrated by the rush-hour traffic of identification, strategies,...

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Gifted Children in the Regular Classroom

K Hegeman

This book is an invaluable compendium of ideas, forms, suggestions, checklists and projects for gifted students who need differentiated learning experiences in the...

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