Here we will have the resources that acknowledge the particular needs of gifted & talented learners, for both the teachers and the pupils (and sometimes the parents as well). It will also include books for students with learning difficulties, underachieving students and other individual needs.
Gifted / Special Ed
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Learning Quests for Gifted Students. Middle Book.

Debbie Smith

Upper Primary

Fire them up with the Learning Quests for Gifted Students series. Catering for individual needs, this resource provides opportunities for students to plan Learning...

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Life:a guide. What to expect in each seven year stage

Andrew Fuller

Upper Primary - Lower Secondary

When people said to you “ it’s just a stage of life” they were right. Andrew Fuller has spent the last ten years having conversations with over...

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Living with Intensity: Understanding the Sensitivity, Excitability, and Emotional Development of Gifted Children, Adolescents, and Adults

Michael Piechowski

Gifted children and adults are often misunderstood. Their excitement is viewed as excessive, their high energy as hyperactivity, their persistence as nagging, their...

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Making Great Kids Greater: Easing the Burden of Being Gifted

Dorothy Sisk

Gifted students often develop faster intellectually than socially and emotionally, resulting in feelings of isolation or inadequacy. This book provides educators...

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Motivating Defiant & Disruptive Students to Learn :Positive Classroom Management Strategies

Rich Korb

Upper Primary - Upper Secondary

Motivating Defiant and Disruptive Students to Learn gives teachers solutions to a broad spectrum on behavioral issues, from preventative methods to intervention...

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Philosophy for Young Thinkers: Cartoons for Thinking

Dr. Thomas Kemnitz

This secondary level book is an excellent launching pad for the creative teacher. This book introduces creative writing, research, debate, philosophical and ethical...

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Philosophy for Young Thinkers: Human Configurations

Dr. Joseph Hester

This activity book is a unit of study in philosophy which focuses on problem-solving and analysis skills. The exercises help students explore and clarify their ideas...

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Philosophy for Young Thinkers: Middle Grades Philosophical Problem Solving

Philip Fitch Vincent

The Philosophy for Young Thinkers Program builds on the inquiry process and develops lessons in philosophical problem-solving and decision-making. The goal of this...

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Reach Your Goals - without stressing out

Chantal Hofstee

We all possess mental resources but only a few of us use them to their full potential. We want to see continuous growth and improvement in our lives but we don't...

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Reaching Boys, Teaching Boys - Strategies That work, and Why

Michael Riechert et al

Upper Primary - Lower Secondary

Based on an extensive worldwide study, this book reveals what gets boys excited about learning Reaching Boys, Teaching Boys challenges the widely-held cultural...

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Removing the Mask: Giftedness in Poverty

Ruby Payne/Paul Slocumb

In Removing the Mask Paul D. Slocumb, Ed.D. and Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D. present an identification model that is based on a new paradigm. They maintain that environmental...

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