Here we will have the resources that acknowledge the particular needs of gifted & talented learners, for both the teachers and the pupils (and sometimes the parents as well). It will also include books for students with learning difficulties, underachieving students and other individual needs.
Gifted / Special Ed
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Responsive Pedagogy

Angus Macfarlane et al

Teachers are looking for new ways to respond to challenging behaviour. The premise of the book is that teachers can make a difference and that schools and early...

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Rest - Why You Get More Done When You Work Less

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

Ten proven methods for resting that will radically improve your life

'An incredibly timely read for my own increasingly rest-starved life. This might...

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Solve for Happy

Mo Gawdat

Solve for Happy is a startlingly original book about creating and maintaining happiness, written by a top Google executive with an engineer's training and fondness...

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Stop the Stress in Schools : Mental Health strategies teachers can use to build a kinder gentler classroom

Joey Mandel

This timely book explores the stress experienced in our schools and shows teachers how to reduce the atmosphere of tension and pressure in their classrooms. It...

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Take Time for You - Self Care Action Plans for Educators

Tina H Boogren

What if teachers learn to take care of themselves while taking
care of their students? In Take Time for
Yourself: Self-Care Action Plans for...

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Teaching Able Gifted & Talented Children:Strategies Activities & Resources

Clive Tunniliffe

Upper Primary - Lower Secondary

Clive Tunnicliffe offers a vision of provision for able, gifted and talented (AG&T) learners within the context of Every Child Matters (ECM) legislation and the...

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Teaching Boys Who Struggle In School

Kathleen Cleveland

Upper Primary - Lower Secondary

Rather than sounding false alarms about a genderwide crisis in boys’ academic achievement, here’s a book that cuts through the confusion to explain why...

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Teaching Gifted Students in the Inclusive Classroom

Tracey Riley

Appropriate learning for gifted and talented students is adjusted in pace, depth, and breadth through differentiated curricula that are both enriched and accelerated....

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The Complete Guide to Service Learning: Proven, Practical Ways to Engage Students in Civic Responsibility, Academic Curriculum, & Social Action

Cathryn Berger Kaye M.A

This project-based guide is a blueprint for service learning--from getting started to assessing the experience--and integrates the K-12 Service-Learning Standards...

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The Educator's Guide to Assessing and Improving School Discipline Programs

Mark Boynton and Christine Boynton

When a one-class-at-a-time approach can't address a pervasive discipline problem, you need this book to implement a schoolwide solution. In this follow-up to The...

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The Gifted Kids Survival Guide Ten & Under

Judy Galbraith

Lower Primary - Intermediate

Help gifted children in the elementary grades realize they’re not alone, they’re not “weird,” and being smart is a bonus, not a burden. First published in 1984,...

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