Everyone is at some point of a leadership journey in their career. This section is dedicated to providing information, ideas and practical solutions to support you on your journey whether it be to your own increase leadership capacity or to coach or mentor others on their journey.
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Michael Fullan

Breakthrough presents a revolutionary new approach to educational reform, breaking away from the conventional paradigm to help educators create focused instruction,...

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Brilliant Coaching: How to be a brilliant coach in your workplace (3rd ed)

Julie Starr

Coaching is fast becoming the must-have leadership skill and this book shows how anyone can become a brilliant coach at work. Based on methods specifically developed...

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Bringing Innovation to School : Empowering Students to Thrive in a Changing World

Suzie Bozz

Are you preparing a new generation of innovators?
Activate your students' creativity and problem-solving potential with breakthrough learning projects....

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Building & Connecting Learning Communities:The Power of Networks for School Improvement

Steven Katz, Lorna M. Earl and Sonia Ben Jaafar

Ideal for school leaders leading change efforts, this book describes how separate professional learning communities can be linked across schools by common instructional...

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Building a Professional Learning Community at Work:A Guide to the First Year

Parry Graham/William Ferriter

This book addresses the real-world critical questions that arise when schools begin their work to become professional learning communities (PLCs).

Each chapter...

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Building Culture: A Framework for School Improvement

Robin Matthews, Gary O'Mahony and Bruce Barnett

Building a school culture is one of the most complex and important concepts in education, yet it has often been a neglected vital component in school improvement....

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Building School 2.0 How to Create the Schools We Need

Chris Lehmann/Zac Chase

There is a growing desire to reexamine education and learning. Educators use the phrase "school 2.0" to think about what schools will look like in the future....

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Building Shared Responsibility for Student Learning

Anne Conzemius and Jan O'Neill

Who is responsible for student learning? Walk into an effective school and ask this question of anyone—a teacher, a student, the principal, a parent volunteer,...

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Cage-busting Leadership

Frederick M Hess

Rick Hess aptly describes his aims at the start of this provocative book: 'I believe that two things are true. It is true, as would-be reformers often argue, that...

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Catching the Knowledge Wave

Jane Gilbert

If this book were a film, it would be rated M – with a caution that "some viewers may be disturbed by some scenes." In Catching the Knowledge Wave? Jane Gilbert...

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Catching Up or Leading the Way:American Education in the Age of Globalization

Yong Zhao

At a time when globalization and technology are dramatically altering the world we live in, is education reform in the United States headed down the right path?...

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