Everyone learns in a slightly different way so this section is dedicated to the things like brain based learning, differentiation, habits of mind, multiple intelligences, differences between gender learning and everything in between
Learning Strategies
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Teaching and Learning in a Community of thinking : The Third Model

Yoram Harpaz

This book explores a new pedagogical model called The Third Model, which places the encounter between the child and the curriculum at the center of educational theory...

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Teaching as Inquiry - Asking Hard Questions to Improve Practice and Student Achievement

Alexandra Weinbaum/Catherine Rubin et al

This book offers an engaging and effective approach to improving teacher and student learning. Based on the experiences of three leading educational organisations,...

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Teaching the Male Brain: How Boys Think, Feel, and Learn in School

Abigail Norfleet James

No, you’re not imagining it: boys really do learn differently from girls. When you discover how to reach them, you can help them succeed beyond anyone’s...

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Team Challenges

Charlotte Samiec

Team Challenges is a collection of forty exciting, open-ended tasks that require teamwork, imagination and fast thinking. They can be used by teams of all kinds,...

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Ten Things New Teachers Need to Succeed

Robin Fogarty

This handy guide for novice teachers is a quick reference tool on everything from writing rubricks to communicating with parents to planning for the unexpected.

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The Agile Learner : Where Growth Mindset, Habits of Mind & Practice Unite

James Anderson

A Growth Mindset is the understanding that we can change our most basic characteristics such as our talents and abilities. But achieving...

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The Boy Who was Raised as a Dog 3rd ED

Bruce Parry/Maia Szalavitz

What happens when a young child is traumatized? How does terror affect a child's mind-and how can that mind recover? Child psychiatrist Bruce Perry has treated...

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The Daily Stoic - 366 meditations on Wisdom, Perserverence & the Art of Living

Ryan Holiday

'No role is so well suited to philosophy as the one you happen to be in right now.' - Marcus Aurelius The Stoics' unique blend of practicality and wisdom has been...

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The Differentiated Classroom: Responding to the Needs of All Learners


Matching your instructional approach to the needs and interests of every student is an overwhelming challenge unless you follow the comprehensive approach offered...

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The Differentiated School: Making Revolutionary Change in Teaching and Learning

Carol Ann Tomlinson, Kay Brimijoin and Lane Narvaez

Looking for advice and guidance on how to implement differentiated instruction throughout your school? Learn from the experts. Administrators and teachers alike...

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The Elephant in the Classroom : Helping Children Learn & Love Maths

Jo Boaler


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