Everyone learns in a slightly different way so this section is dedicated to the things like brain based learning, differentiation, habits of mind, multiple intelligences, differences between gender learning and everything in between
Learning Strategies
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The Litlle Book Of Clarity : a quick guide to focus and declutter your mind

Jamie Smart

The Little Book of Clarity shows you how to clear your head and get things done. Based on bestselling book, Clarity, this new edition has been...

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The Minds of Boys: Saving Our Sons From Falling Behind in School and Life

Michael Gurian

Here are the facts: Boys today are simply not learning as well as girls Boys receive 70% of the Ds and Fs given all students Boys cause 90% of classroom discipline...

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The Nature of Learning : Using Research to Inspire Practice

Edited by Hanna Dumont/David Istance/Francisco Benavides

What do we know about how people learn?
How do young people’s motivations and emotions influence their learning?
What does research show to...

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The NEW School Rules - 6 Vital Practices for Thriving and Responsive Schools

Anthony Kim / Alexis Gonzales-Black

The rate of economic, social and technological change has increased rapidly in the last century and industrial-age organizational models are no longer capable of...

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The Psychology of School Bullying

Peter K Smith

Why do children get involved with bullying? Does cyberbullying differ from traditional bullying? How can bullying at school be prevented?

The Psychology...

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The Rock 'n' Roll Classroom

Rich Allen

Lower Primary - Intermediate

The Rock 'n' Roll Classroom is an innovative new guide that instructs teachers how to effectively integrate music into classroom learning environments. This...

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The Rubber Brain: A toolkit for optimising your study, work, and life!

Sue Morris, Jacquelyn Cranney, Peter Baldwin, Leigh Mellish, Annette Krochmalik

Change your life for the better. Learn how to 'rubberise' your brain, making it more flexible and resilient. Deal with challenges in an optimal way, and 'bounce'...

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The Science of Learning : 77 Studies every Teacher Needs to Know

Bradley Busch / Edward Watson

Supporting teachers in the quest to help students learn as effectively and efficiently as possible, The Science of Learning translates 77 of...

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The Science of Parenting

Margot Sunderland

as recommended by Nathan Makaere Wallis

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The Shallows : What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains

Nicholas Carr

Is Google making us stupid?

When Nicholas Carr posed that question he tapped into a well of anxiety about how the Internet is changing us. He also crystallized...

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The Student Mindset - A 30-item toolkit for anyone learning anything

Steve Oakes/Martin Griffin

Successful students find a way to succeed. They get the results they want. And they achieve this not by superior ability, but by sticking to habits, routines...

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