Everyone learns in a slightly different way so this section is dedicated to the things like brain based learning, differentiation, habits of mind, multiple intelligences, differences between gender learning and everything in between
Learning Strategies
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Focus The Hidden driver of Excellence

Daniel Goleman

For more than two decades, psychologist and journalist Daniel Goleman has been scouting the leading edge of the human sciences for what's new, surprising, and important....

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Fulfilling the Promise of the Differentiated Classroom: Strategies and Tools for Responsive Teaching

Carol Ann Tomlinson

Extend the benefits of differentiated teaching to virtually any kind of school situation and student population using the guidelines and strategies from this book....

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Graphic Organisers K–3

Casey Null Petersen

This book offers dozens of graphic organisers to help students brainstorm ideas, outline facts, recognise patterns, access prior knowledge and identify related concepts....

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Growth Mindset Pocketbook : Create motivated learners who embrace challenge, learn from setbacks & know that they can grow intelligence

Barry Hymer/mike Gershon

Whatever it is that makes you you, can you affect it?     Your answer to that question gives us a glimpse into your 'mindset'.


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HEART!: Fully Forming Your Professional Life as a Teacher and Leader

Timothy Kanold

HEART!: Fully Forming Your Professional Life as a Teacher and Leader by Timothy D. Kanold supports F–12 educators in reflecting on their professional...

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HOT Tools Thinking Posters

Graham Watts

The TEN HOT Tools span Primary ad Secondary and each one is based around a striking visual image that children will immediately connect with, as...

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How the Brain Learns (Fourth Edition)

David Sousa

New Fourth edition now available

David A. Sousa continues his successful tradition of translating current research findings...

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How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed-Ability Classrooms, 2nd Edition

Carol Ann Tomlinson

NOW UPDATED! Three new chapters, extended examples, and field-tested strategies help teachers succeed in today’s increasingly diverse classrooms. Learn proven ideas...

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How to Teach for Metacognitive Reflection

R Fogarty

This book is divided into 3 sections that highlight the arenas where metacognition can occur: planning, monitoring and evaluating. Within each section ten strategies...

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In a Nutshell: How to Differentiate Learning: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Robin Fogarty and Brian M. Pete

This professional development resource is designed to help teachers embrace different ways to change the curriculum, either in the lessons or in the assessments,...

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In Full Bloom

Tina McDougall

In Full Bloom gives teachers the tools to help students become thoughtful, strategic and independent readers. It outlines a literacy program based on the strategies...

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