Everyone learns in a slightly different way so this section is dedicated to the things like brain based learning, differentiation, habits of mind, multiple intelligences, differences between gender learning and everything in between
Learning Strategies
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ITC Students Companion Primary

The innovative students' companion is a comprehensive handbook that will assist your students to effectively approach and complete any assessment task. From exams...

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ITC Think Drive Software Primary Package

Gerrard Alford

ITC ThinkDrive is a clean and crisp software program that provides your staff and students with quick and easy access to the ITC Thinking Tools. With the click...

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Leaders of Their Own Learning: Transforming Schools Through Student-Engaged Assessment

Ron Berger, Leah Rugen, Libby Woodfin

Leaders of Their Own Learning offers a new way of thinking about assessment based on the celebrated work of Expeditionary Learning Schools across the country. Student-Engaged...

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Learner Centered Innovation - Spark Curiosity Ignite Passion and Unleash Genius

Kate Martin

What if education could be better--for students and for educators? 

Our changing world demands creative thinkers and collaborative problem solvers,...

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Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind: 16 Essential Characteristics for Success

Art Costa and Bena Kallick

Bringing together all four books in the ASCD ground-breaking Habits of Mind series, this volume presents a compelling case for why it's more relevant than ever to...

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Learning by Doing : A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work™ 3rd ed

Richard duFour/Rebecca duFour/Robert Eaker

Learning by Doing: A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work™ is the best-selling guide for action that helps educators close the knowing–doing...

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Learning For Keeps - Teaching the Strategies Essential for Creating Independent Learners

Rhoda Koenig

How can teachers ensure instruction is aligned with 21st century demands for self-directed, collaborative problem solvers? Practice exercises are not the answer....

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Learning Power Heroes

Reagan Delany

Learning Power Heroes shows how primary schools are capitalising on children's powers of imitation to help them build strong foundations for their own learning...

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Learning to Learn- The Fourth Generation

Guy Claxton

In this timely essay Guy Claxton, himself an eminent pioneer in the field of L2L, looks back over the evolution of the idea and assesses the state of the art. Where...

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Lift Off to Learning (book and CD)

Michael Pohl, Mark Dixon

Lift Off to Learning brings together thinking skills, inquiry-based learning and the integration of information and communication technology (ICT) skills in a practical...

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