In this section we will have both theoretical and practical resources relating to all aspects of the written and spoken word
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How to Write a Paragraph 3-6

Kathleen Christopher Null

This book is designed to show primary and middle year students how to write clear and well-organised paragraphs. Students will realise that longer pieces of writing...

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I've got something to say - leading young writers to authorship

Gail Loane

Lower Primary - Lower Secondary

We want our young people to grow up knowing that writing is an important and deeply satisfying skill, one that helps them make more sense of themselves and their...

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It's Easy - Ten steps to writing successful school projects

Gaelene Rowe, Rodd Gray

Upper Primary

This book will show you how to choose a topic, collect information, and how to put ideas together and present them in exciting and stylish ways.

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Jolly Phonics Workbook Books 1 - 7

Sue Lloyd, Sara Wernham

Lower Primary

7 workbooks are a fun way for children to put their skills into practice. The first books have simple letter recognition, while later books introduce cursive writing...

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Komodo The Species Survival Strategy Game

Upper Primary - Lower Secondary

The world is in chaos. An asteroid plunges towards the South Pacific.
Your mission: to prevent the extinction of Australasian animals. A zoologist, you...

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Learning Centre Activities - Writing Skills

Lower Primary - Upper Primary

In a writing centre, a child can find a place to imagine and create. The writing centre will provide a space away from the usual classroom structure. This book includes...

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Let's Feel Sandpaper Letters

Early Childhood - Lower Primary

These easy-to-assemble sandpaper letters provide a range of visual, tactile and auditory learning activities, including learning letter formations, letter sounds...

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Lighting the Literacy Fire

Jill Eggleton

Upper Primary - Lower Secondary

This NEWcomprehensive resource is packed with Jill’s practical recommendations to support teachers in their goal to create life-long learners with...

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Literacy Alive: Learning Centres for Literacy Stages 4-6

Camilla Gaff, Susan Augar, Dianne McNicollas

Literacy Alive!: Literacy Learning Centres Stages 4-6 is a unique literacy resource for all middle and upper primary years. Literacy Alive! stages 4-6 develops reading...

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Literacy Lessons Designed for Individuals - 2nd Ed

Marie Clay

This second edition of Marie Clay's invaluable text contains the teaching procedures, implementation practices, and theoretical understandings that underpin Reading...

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Literacy:Guided Reading Rotation Programme Book 1.

Janet Bruce

Lower Primary

Literacy: Guided Reading Rotation Programme Book 1.

  • Provide a complete guided reading programme suitable for use with any fictional texts.
  • Offer...

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