This is full of practical and theoretical resources to assist you in your teaching environment. From behavioural challenges with students, to classroom planning, and everything in between.

Teaching Stategies
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Teacher Agency An Ecological Approach

Mark Priestley/Gert Biesta/Sarah Robinson

Recent worldwide education policy has reinvented teachers as agents of change and professional development of the school curriculum. Academic literature has analyzed...

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Teacher Expectations in Education

Chrsitine M Rubie Davies

The influence of teacher expectations on student outcomes is routinely explored by professors, administrators, teachers, researchers, journalists, and scholars....

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Teacher in the Cupboard - solution focused human teaching and learning

Lisa Jane Ashes

Takes you on a self-reflective journey that will inspire you to create stimulating learning environments and to challenge the 'how to', tick-box approach to teaching. 


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Teachers leading inquiry for school problem solving

RebeccaJesson/Asron Wilson/Stuart McNaughton/Mei Lai

New Zealand schools increasingly use inquiry to understand and address complex and persistent issues. This requires schools to have committed Lead Teachers with...

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Teaching Middle Years

Donna Pendergast, Katherine Main and Nan Bahr

An updated edition of the comprehensive introduction to the rapidly growing area of middle schooling, for teachers,...

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Teaching Creative Thinking: Developing Learners Who Generate Ideas and Can Think Critically

Bill Lucas/Ellen Spencer

Teaching Creative Thinking: Developing Learners Who Generate Ideas and Can Think Critically defines and demystifies the essence of creative thinking,...

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Teaching Happiness and Well-Being in Schools : Learning to Ride Elephants

Ian Thomas

This updated edition is a theoretical and practical guide to implementing a well-being programme in your school.

The book covers three areas:

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Teaching in the Fast Lane : How to Create Active Learning Experiences

Suzy Pepper Rollins

Teaching in the Fast Lane offers teachers a way to increase student engagement: an active classroom. The active classroom is about creating learning experiences...

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Teaching Mindfulness Skills to Kids and Teens

Christopher Willard/Amy Saltzman

Packed with creative, effective ideas for bringing mindfulness into the classroom, child therapy office, or community, this book features sample lesson plans and...

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Teaching Today: A Practical Guide 4th Edition

Geoff Petty

This book was definitely a revelation. Fantastically planned and very easy to read, it has been a definite staple of my reference diet since the start of the academic...

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Ten Differentiation Strategies for Building Prior Knowledge

Jill Spencer

In Ten Differentiation Strategies for Building Prior Knowledge, Jill Spencer distils the many differentiation theories, concepts and ideas that abound to...

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