This is full of practical and theoretical resources to assist you in your teaching environment. From behavioural challenges with students, to classroom planning, and everything in between.

Teaching Stategies
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Be Brilliant Every Day

Andy Cope/Andy Whitaker

We all have good days and bad days. Some days we’re on form, others we can’t really be bothered and feel a little lack lustre. No one enjoys those slump days – so...

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Becoming a Growth Mindset School : The Power of Mindset to Transform Teaching, Leadership and Learning

Chis Hildrew

Becoming a Growth Mindset School explores the theories which underpin a growth mindset ethos and lays out how to embed them into the culture of a school. It offers...

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Becoming a High Expectation Teacher: Raising the Bar

Christine Rubie-Davies

We constantly hear cries from politicians for teachers to have high expectations. But what this means in practical terms is never spelled out. Simply deciding that...

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Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Teacher

William Powell/Ochan Kusuma-Powell

Teaching behaviours and personalities can affect student achievement; teachers who develop their emotional awareness and interpersonal skills are better able to...

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Becoming An Achiever: A Student Guide (Revised & Expanded Edition)

Carolyn Coil

Discover the seven steps to Becoming an Achiever:

  • Developing self confidence
  • Knowing how to set goals
  • Becoming Motivated
  • Developing Study Skills
  • Dealing...

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    Better classroom relationships

    Maria Kecskemeti/John Winslade

    The usual approaches to classroom relationships are either teacher-centred or student-centred. This book breaks new ground in its exploration of relationship-centred...

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    Better Together : How to Leverage School Networks for Smarter Personalised and Project Based Learning

    Tom Vander Akr/Lydia Dobyns

    Bring students, teachers, and administrators together to facilitate higher school achievement

    Better Together presents a tour through one...

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    Beyond Testing: Seven Assessments of Students and Schools More Effective Than Standardized Tests

    Matthew Knoester/Deborah Meier

    The authors of this timely book argue that a fundamentally complex problem – how to assess the knowledge of a child – cannot be reduced to a simple...

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    Bounce : Mozart Federer Picasso, Beckham ans the Science of Success

    Matthew SYed

    Can we really ALL be the best?

    Is the idea of innate ability holding us back?

    Could the ability to fail – and then get over it –...

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    Brainhack : Tips & Tricks to Unleash your Brain's Full Potential

    Neil Pavitt

    Hack into the secret power of your brain

    Your Brain
    100 Billion Neurons
    100 Trillion Connections
    And you only command 5% of it.


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    Challenging Behaviour Pocketbook

    Fintan O'Regan/Phil Hailsone

    All children are challenging to some extent, but some are more challenging than others. Students with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD) can be...

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