This is full of practical and theoretical resources to assist you in your teaching environment. From behavioural challenges with students, to classroom planning, and everything in between.

Teaching Stategies
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Challenging Learning

James Nottingham

Lower Primary - Lower Secondary

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Challenging Learning : set of 13 posters

James Nottingham

This pack of 13 poster resources for the teacher, based on Challenging Learning, includes: Top 10 FACTS for Feedback, Top 10 FACTS for Application, Top 10 FACTS...

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Challenging Learning 2nd ed

James Nottingham

Challenging Learning offers advice and techniques for helping children of all ages develop into confident, thoughtful and independent learners. Based around the...

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Challenging Learning through Dialogue

Jame Nottingham

There is substantial evidence that teachers currently talk too much in classes, often only waiting 0.8 seconds after asking a question before jumping in with...

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Challenging Learning through Feedback

James Nottingham

The process of providing high quality feedback actually begins with establishing clear learning intentions and success criteria. This book shows how to use the ASK...

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Challenging Mindset: Why a Growth Mindset Makes a Difference in Learning - and What to Do When It Doesn't

James Nottingham

Create the right conditions for a growth mindset to flourish in your school and your students.

Mindset doesn’t matter when things are easy; it is...

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Changing Trajectories of Teaching & Learning

Judy Parr/Helen Hedges/Stephen May (editors)

This monograph is designed to highlight areas of research strength found at The University of Auckland’s Faculty of Education. The chosen theme of this volume, “Changing...

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Checking for Understanding: Formative Assessment Techniques for Your Classroom

Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

If you ever have students who are reluctant to tell you when they don’t understand something—or worse, tell you they understand when they really don’t—then here’s...

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Clarity in the Classroom Using Formative Assessment

Michael Absolum

Supporting students to be confident and enthusiastic learners is of primary concern for teachers to day. We all want students who have high expectations of themselves...

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Classroom Behaviour :A practical guide to effective teaching behaviour management and colleague support

Bill Rogers

This exciting new edition of the best-selling and beloved teacher's companion looks at the everyday behaviour issues facing teachers working in today's classrooms....

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Classroom Instruction that Works : research-based strategies for increasing student achievement 2nd edition

Ceri B Dean, Elizabeth Ross Hubbell et al

First published in 2001, Classroom Instruction That Works revolutionized teaching by linking classroom strategies to evidence of increased student learning. Now...

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