This is full of practical and theoretical resources to assist you in your teaching environment. From behavioural challenges with students, to classroom planning, and everything in between.

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Teaching Stategies
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Fostering Resilient Learners: Strategies for Creating a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom

Pete Hall

Grounded in research and the authors’ experience working with trauma-affected students and their teachers, Fostering Resilient Learners will help you cultivate...

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From Goals to Growth: Intervention & Support in Every Classroom

Lee Ann Jung

All students deserve research-based, systematic support and a team that is committed to their success. In this book, Lee Ann Jung lays out a growth planning process...

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Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Student Success

Dale Basye et al

Active learning spaces offer students opportunities to engage, collaborate and learn in an environment that taps into their innate curiosity and creativity. Students...

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Grit : Why passion and resilience are the secrets to success

Angela Duckworth

UNLOCK THE KEY TO SUCCESS In this must-read for anyone seeking to succeed, pioneering psychologist Angela Duckworth takes us on an eye-opening journey to discover...

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Growth Mindset Lessons : Every Child a Learner

Shirley Clarke/Katherine Muncaster

Practising teacher and mindset expert Katherine Muncaster has combined with best-selling author Shirley Clarke to produce this 'must-have' handbook for anyone looking...

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Guide to Documenting Learning: Making Thinking Visible, Meaningful, Shareable, and Amplified

Silvia Toliasano/Janet Hale

Documenting Learning is a process that facilitates student-driven learning, helping students reflect on and articulate their own learning processes. It also helps...

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Hacking GOOGLE for Education 99 Ways to Leverage Google Tools in Classrooms, Schools & Districts

Brad Currie/Billy Krakower/Scott Rocco

"Google It" means more than you think. What if you could leverage the full potential of Google for Education?

Google Classroom, Google Docs, and Google...

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Hands-On Learning!-More Than 1000 Activites for Young Children using Everyday Objects

Gwyn Snyder Kaltman

Plan lessons from a child-centered perspective! Teachers of young children are always looking for fresh, hands-on activities to engage their students and build...

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Hanging In :Strategies for Teaching the Students Who Challenge Us Most

Jeffrey Benson

Every teacher faces students whose unique mixture of family history, past traumas, or disabilities tests their skills and tries their patience. In Hanging In: Strategies...

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How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity & the Hidden Power of Character

Paul Tough

Studies are increasingly showing that the qualities most likely to ensure a better degree, a better job and, ultimately, a more fulfilling life are perseverance,...

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How to Assess Authentic Learning

Kay Burke

For many years, assessment was relegated to a secondary role in the educational process. But with the increased emphasis on high-stakes testing, effective assessment...

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