Happy Kids Don’t Punch You in the Face: A Guide to Eliminating Aggressive Behavior in School

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Ben Springer


The approach to addressing dangerous and aggressive behavior in youth described in this book is founded in evidence-based practice, (e.g. applied behavioral analysis, multi-tiered system of supports) augmented with best practices in the field of positive psychology, (e.g., mindfulness, flow, and optimism training).

With these foundations, the author enlists much of Heath and Heath’s (2007) formula for “what sticks,” including simple, unexpected, concrete, credible and emotional stories told from his perspective. The program described in the book is comprehensive in design to accommodate the needs of public school administrators and educators struggling to thread the needle of practice, policy, and procedure in a timely manner. It is practical because it has been designed from the “front lines” of behavioral intervention and respects the real-life limitations and challenges facing school practitioners.

The content has been designed to provide information and strategies in four primary areas:
1) an understanding of the roots of aggression in youth,
2) an understanding of how to help students struggling with behavior problems,
3) skills to stay safe and minimize liability at school and
4) practical strategies and skills to enjoy working with a broad range of children.

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