The Pedagogy of Real Talk 2nd Ed

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The Pedagogy of Real Talk 2nd Ed

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Engaging, Teaching, and Connecting With Students At-Promise

Real Talk means real results!

To reach students who may see school as an obstacle, rather than an opportunity, connection and trust must come first. Paul Hernandez, a former student at risk, is now a nationally recognized, award-winning educator and trainer. His Real Talk is a practical methodology that helps education professionals build rapport with at-promise students while creating learning experiences that are relevant-and life-changing.

This updated and expanded second edition of a bestseller provides an intensive, robust experience enabling teachers to create and implement connections with their teaching. You will:

* Develop an understanding of the education research and theories that underlie the Real Talk approach
* Learn the how-to’s for implementing Real Talk with any group of learners
* Benefit from diverse and unique case studies, applications, and lessons learned


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