Alison Smith is a trained and registered primary school teacher with many years of experience in the primary sector including classroom teaching at most year levels, associate and tutor teacher work, and a wealth of leadership experience as a syndicate leader, Deputy Principal and Acting Principal.

She has lectured at Auckland College of Education in the Mathematics Department and also worked as a facilitator for professional development and Ministry of Education contracts in a variety of areas including Mathematics, Reading, Assessment and Leadership Skills training. More recently, she taught educational leadership at Unitec New Zealand for over 8 years.

Alison’s business, School Leadership Coaching and Consultancy, includes appraisals for principals and middle leaders. She carries out leadership coaching and leadership skills training.
She also works with schools, facilitating their work with implementing an action research approach to change. Other consultancy work has included school community surveys, consultation for Charter review and project evaluation.

She holds a Bachelor of Education, a Diploma in School Management and a Master of Educational Management degrees. She has also completed Ministry-recognised appraisal training with Eileen Piggot-Irvine and has trained as an executive coach with the New Zealand Coaching and Mentoring Centre.