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Always Strive to be a Better You

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What do you want?

Would you like a life that is happier? Quieter? Richer? Kinder? More successful? Makes a greater impact? Has more joy?

Do you want a life that is somehow better?

In Always Strive to Be a Better You: How ordinary people can live extraordinary lives, best-selling author Pete Hall shares 13 proven ideas and strategies for living a life that is based on the idea of continuous improvement – in life, in relationships, in work, and in any aspect of our existence.

Proven by whom? Rather than share tips from larger-than-life celebrities and famous personalities, Pete extracts these 13 “Key Learnings” from seven ordinary people: Andre, Brooke, Chelsea, Derek, Jennifer, Matt, and Tammy – people who have carefully built and curated lives that are, by many means, extraordinary. They’re our neighbors, they’re regular people, and their lessons are relatable and replicable…for all of us. Are they perfect? Heavens, no. Do their lessons resonate with each of us? Most likely, yes.

The Key Learnings follow four big themes that build upon each other and also stand alone as opportunities to grow, to learn.

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