This book represents my second book of The Brain Smart Trilogy. This book presents an in-depth look at successful learning techniques and current brain research about how to increase children’s learning potential at all age levels. In my opinion, the words brain changing supports an often-ignored, yet obvious concept that children learn best when they are interested or passionate about learning. Our brain’s limbic system knows this when it forms emotional connections or attachment (bonding) to learning. For example, a major area of our brain associated with the brain changing concept is called the hippocampus. In fact, the hippocampus is the only part of your child’s learning brain where neurons regenerate or make more neurons. The medical world connects this positive brain changing experience and calls it brain plasticity or the brain’s ability to modify its connections or rewire itself. Studies show that without this ability, any brain, not just the human brain, would be unable to develop from infancy to adulthood. In my opinion, this book’s information provides readers with up-to-date brain research and proven learning techniques to support my brain changing thesis for all individuals interested in helping children reach high levels of learning.