Chris is an accomplished educator, innovator and futurist

Chris has spent his entire career helping teams maximise their collective potential to create and test new ideas. In 2015 he founded Education Unleashed to support organisations to be more inclusive as they seek to innovate and look to the future.

His work in education involved pioneering new approaches to support large online groups as they shared insights to build knowledge collaboratively. This work was recognised in 2011 when Chris was named International Innovative Educator of the year by Microsoft, ahead of over 200,000 other nominees. 

In 2013 Chris began working beyond the education sector and developed expertise in a range of trans-disciplinary approaches to supporting innovation. This involved developing capabilities in areas including design thinking, LEAN, complexity thinking, foresight and the discipline of anticipation.

Chris now works with a wide range of organisations to help them unlock their collective potential as they seek to make sense of their place in a rapidly changing world. 

By creating experiences that push people’s thinking in new directions, Chris helps teams become more aware of their tacit knowledge. This supports the emergence of new insights and ideas that not only open up new future possibilities but also increase the clarity of the present.

Chris is widely known as an accomplished and experienced speaker and facilitator. He has worked across a wide range of sectors and for several high-profile organisations including The Smithsonian Institute, Microsoft and Singularity University. Chris is also a Faculty member at BomaNZ and an Associate with We Create Futures.

Chris is often invited to deliver keynote talks at conferences and events which have included the New Zealand Association of Scientists, National Future Schools Australia, Singularity UNZ, and TEDx Christchurch.